R+W Couplings MK

  • Precise transmission of angular motion and torque
  • Zero Backlash
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Infinite life
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • Compensates for axial, angular and lateral misalignment
  • Easy assembly

R+W Miniature Couplings Available In Different Series :

  • Miniature Shaft Coupling Model MK1 with radial set screws
  • Miniature Coupling Model MK2 with clamping hub
  • Miniature Coupling Model MK3 with expanding shaft
  • Miniature Bellows Coupling Model MK4 with radial set screws and press-fit connection
  • Miniature Bellows Coupling Model MK5 with clamping hub and press-fit connection
  • Miniature Coupling Model MK6 with clamp hub, expanding shaft and press-fit connection