R+W ZA Series Line Shafts Couplings

R+W Line Shafts Couplings

  • Torque ratings from 10 Nm to 4,000 Nm
  • Mounts and dismounts without moving aligned shafts
  • No intermediate support bearings required
  • Torsionally rigid models and elastic models (4 types of elastomer
    insert) available
    • Torsionally rigid models from 100 mm to 6 m in length
    • Elastic models from 95 mm to 4 m in length (variable length
      model available)
  • Can be connected via:
    • Clamping hub
    • Split clamping hub
    • Tapered conical sleeves
  • Bores from 5 mm to 100 mm
  • Temperature range of -30° to +120°C (dependent on elastomer
    insert for elastic models)


R+W Line Shaft COUPLINGS ZA EZ2 EZV ZAE - Linear Couplings Importers Distributors


Line Shaft ZA                                                                             


Clamping Hub

Line Shaft ZA


Tapered Conical Sleeves

Line Shaft ZAE

Split Hub


Line Shaft With Split Clamping Hub

Adjustable Length Line Shaft