Linear Motion Guideways

CPC Linear Motion Guideways

ARC / HRC / ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series

CPC Linear Motion Guideways

The cpc ARC/HRC/ERC Linear Guide Series uses the O-type arrangement for the four row ball circulation design. The contact angle between the rail and ball is 45 degrees, and can realize the 4 directional load effects. cpc places special emphasis on strengthening the Arm length(LO), so when sustaining external force F, will have even higher Mr value to increase the rigidity and static moment capability. In addition, the runner block for the same size uses larger and more balls, so will outperform competitor’s models by 10% to 30% regarding load capabilities. The products have characteristics of high load, high moment, and high stiffness.

  • Total scraping of objects above 0.3mm Increase X-axis direction force capacity
  • Length of the Runner Block will not be increase Full lubrication contact with balls, suitable for short stroke movement.
  • All-Round lubrication holes system
  • Standard compact high dust proof seal Low friction non compact seal
  • Patented design of reverse operations
  • Quiet and prolong the service life
  • High Dynamic Load and High Load capabilities
  • Excellent dynamic performance: Vmax> 10 m/s amax > 500 m/s2
  • Can provide tapped from the top and tapped from the bottom rail
  • Can provide special surface treatment

ARC / HRC / ERC MN FN ML FL MS FS 15 20 25 30 35 45

MR-M Miniature linear guide series

CPC Linear Miniature MR
  • Embedded inverse hook design
  • Designed for high load, high moment applications
  • MR Miniature linear guide series have three accuracy grades for design selection: Precision (P) , High (H) , Normal (N).
  • Unique ball re-circulation design
  • Steel reinforcement plate ensures sturdy assembly and longer life
  • Built-in bottom seal. the new design is recommended for purchase in priority.
  • Environmentally-friendly system requires less lubricant.
  • Regardless of series, MR miniature linear guides use stainless steel processed material.

MR..EE Serie:

EE series-end seal and reinforcing plate

Adopting two pieces of stainless steel reinforcing plate to cover the two plastic ends of the slide block completely with an all cover design, and using stainless steel screws to respectively secure the upper and lower sides of the runner block steel body tightly strengthen the rigidity and coverage of the end cap so as to endure a faster running speed; a gap sealing design is adopted between the reinforcing plate and slide rail, allowing the stainless steel reinforcing plate to have a wiping blade function too.

Running speed Vmax=5m/s,amax=300m/s2 (60m/s2 can be reached without prepressing)

MR..ZZ Series:

ZZ series-end seal and lubrication pad

The two ends of the runner block are respectively provided with a hermetic lubrication grease injection design, capable of bringing the lubrication grease to the raceway by means of steel ball circulation, thereby achieving a lubrication effect. A built-in lubrication pad is optionally provided upon the design, further ensuring the lubrication effect of a long-term running, thereby reducing the maintenance cost, and further performing a very good lubrication capability during a short stroke running.