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Miki Pulley Servoflex Couplings SFCSA2 SFCDA2

SFC-002SA2 SFC-005SA2 SFC-010SA2 SFC-020SA2 SFC-025SA2 SFC-030SA2 SFC-035SA2 SFC-040SA2 SFC-050SA2 SFC-055SA2 SFC-060SA2 SFC-080SA2 SFC-090SA2 SFC-100SA2

SFC-002DA2 SFC-005DA2 SFC-010DA2 SFC-020DA2 SFC-025DA2 SFC-030DA2 SFC-035DA2 SFC-040DA2 SFC-050DA2 SFC-055DA2 SFC-060DA2 SFC-080DA2 SFC-090DA2 SFC-100DA2



These are disc-spring couplings that use a lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy for the clamp hub to enable high torsional stiffness and high response. Both single-element types with high torsional stiffness and flexible double-element types that separate double elements with a spacer are available. Both lower the moment of inertia by linking the outer diameter of the hub to the shaft diameter.

Ultra-low inertia

The outer diameter shape of the clamp hub is linked to the bore diameter you are using. This decreases inertia to the lowest amount necessary by reducing the outer diameter when the bore diameter is small, making these optimal for fast-accelerating operation. Three shapes are available to match the combination of bore diameters you are using.

Simple, reliable, no backlash

Since the clamp method is used to couple to the shaft, mounting can be completed by tightening one bolt each on left and right. Clamp hubs enable reliable connections that are strong against vibration and shocks, and all power is transmitted by frictional couplings, so there is no backlash. The clamp hubs on both sides of the coupling are centered using a dedicated tool, ensuring concentricity.

Blocks heat

A stainless steel disc spring is used for the element, so heat from the servo motor does not readily transfer to the driven shaft, reducing inconsistency in precision caused by thermal expansion.

For tapered shafts

Allows coupling via a clamp hub when an optional taper adapter is mounted on the tapered shaft of a servo motor.